HFA Hedge Fund Start-Up 101 Roundtable 

 (Panelist Spaces Currently Available)


The Hedge Fund Association and Asset TV have partnered to hold a Hedge Fund Start-Up Panel Discussion. This panel discussion will be hosted by Mitch Ackles, President of The HFA and will be featured on the Bloomberg terminal network, HFA TV, asset.tv and Reuters Insider. This panel discussion will give service providers catering to the start-up and emerging hedge fund community, the opportunity to discuss areas in which their expertise can be of assistance. We will be looking to work with providers such as administration, technology, legal and compliance firms to provide our viewers with a full spectrum of the necessary services to start and run a successful hedge fund.

** Participants will be provided with a copy of the video for their own use, as well as  accompanying analytics report 

Panel Discussion Example 

  • Filming at Asset TV's NYC studio April 8, 2014 at 1:30pm 
  • 50-minute, filmed panel discussion 
  • 4 Service providers catering to the emerging and start-up hedge fund space
  • Panel moderation by Mitch Ackles, President of The HFA
Video Launch Promotion
  • Email to asset.tv's 400,000 investment management subscribers
  • Email distribution to the HFA's global list of over 4,500 recipients
  • Promotion via the HFA's media partners including FINalternatives, HedgeWorld, HedgeCo and others
  • Press release issued to Hedge Fund PR's global media list of over 20,000 recipients
  • Posts on the HFA's and asset.tv's social media channels  
  • Bloomberg terminal network
  • HFA TV
  • asset.tv
  • Reuters Insider
Participation Enquiries
Craig Lubman
(646) 862-6504 

570 Lexington Avenue, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10022
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